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All our fingerprint work is conducted in-house, providing evidence in investigation and providing identity clearance for FBI and Criinal Record checks across the world. Call us on 01483 200999 to talk about any aspect of business, personal or legal investigation or send an email to

Fingerprint services in Woking - the only local facility in Surrey

Corporate Investigation woking & surrey

Answers Investigation are one of only a investigation agencies with an in-house fingerprint facility. With portable crime scene equipment our in-house staff will visit your premises and treat impressions from items or take prints from individuals


We take fingerprints for identification in CFTC, FINRA, FBI & other applications with the convenience of a visit to your offices, or by you visiting ours. Our charges are significantly cheaper than the Police and much more convenient


Do you believe that one or more of your employees have been accessing sensitive information or documents that they are not authorised to view? Perhaps an internal party has attempted to force entry into a restricted area (safe, private office, desk etc)

It is often the case that involving the police in these issues can be detrimental to staff morale and trust, or the police do not have enough information to investigate. We discreetly conduct this investigation on your behalf, out of office hours if required


Malicious Mail can be emotionally wounding, regardless of it's content. The sender relies upon anonymity to increase it's damaging effects. A victim may have an idea as to who has sent it, but is unable to prove it. This is where fingerprinting will help

Local Corporate Private Investigators working in Woking. Dealing with difficult issues that interrupt the business world - from computer forensics to surveillance and in-house fingerprinting

Corporate Investigation woking & surrey

Sensitive, confidential and discreet, we manage many aspects of personal investigation in Woking from marital affairs to issues with children, drug use and tracing missing people

Private Investigation

Process Serving & Support Services for local Solicitors firms; we serve legal papers Nationally and Internationally as a one stop service, take witness statements and other forms of support

Private Investigator

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